Platform Architecture

Mobilize Your Workforce

Integrate your enterprise system into one central solution: Customer usable apps, expert apps for skilled workforce, apps for contractors - all managed centrally without software update or development

Asset specific Logic

Create workflows and apps for every process and every asset: Individually and in logical decision trees! Integrate all business rules without developing software

Use on Any Device

Works without internet connection on any Android, Apple or Windows operating system. From industry scanner devices to smartphones and tablets

No Training Required

Thanks to the intuitive and easy to follow logical work-steps every worker can immediately start to be productive with no training and lesser qualification

Grow Your Business With

Our Comparative Advantage

Simple Form Generator 

Forms with limited changes

No flexibility in processes

Uses generic template with limited customization


Logic that adapts according to business needs in real-time

Interconnected and state of the art algorithm

Complex workflows that are flexible to your needs

Individual Coding

Requires a lot more time to built a product and significant development resources

Firms lack experience and specialization in mobile field service

Updating and maintaining the platform costs money

Needs can change before solution is finalized

Workflow optimization without Coding

Modernize Your Dispatch Process Workflows

Modules with out of the box cat-classes

Cat-class-specific workflows and mobile apps

Each process will be executed with the same quality – no matter if a one-time delivery driver performs the job or the most seasoned expert

We have cat-class-specific workflows and mobile apps for:

  • Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Returns
  • Installation-instructions for telematic iOT devices
  • and more

All workflows and apps are specific for each cat-class and enable you to

  • Increase the damages you detect and increase the damage collection,
  • Increase the quality of all of your returns and deliveries
  • Decrease the time needed for inspections and maintenances
  • Enable you to integrate your external drivers and customers

Each CAT-class has

  • Guided damage detection and 
  • AI based automatic damage detection based on pictures or videos

You can manage

  • Suggested repair method depending on the damage specific to the cat-class,
  • Days-of-loss per damage
  • Costs for the customer per damage
  • Use insurance products to exclude (or include) specific damages
  • Manage special contracts with large customers on how to charge for damages

Assign Projects In Form Of Workflows to Employees and Build Teams


Empower your mobile agents with automated workflows, based on real data insights. dashboard and analytics


  • Maintenance work-orders,
  • Inspections installations or
  • Pickups and deliveries.


  • Your workforce
  • Your external haulers and
  • Service providers
    to find the most efficient mix and best usage of your resources

Let work orders be automatically assigned to the right worker in the right place at the right time.

Connect your IT system, workers and machines to mobile field processing

LogiMove proprietary technology offers

  • Constant data collection and analysis
  • Higher performance
  • Massive scalability
  • Streamlined user experience for field workers

We create real business scenarios with

  • Independent data centers globally
  • Secure connection from your back-end to the cloud
  • Micro-services that form an entire process within the app

We create mobile applications that

  • Require no coding
  • Deploy and run online and offline
  • Easy-to-use user experience
  • Complex workflows
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Background uploads

Components & Architecture

Dynamic building blocks that represent real business scenarios

  • Built into businesses back-end system, synchronized in the CM Cloud and executed on a mobile device
  • Run on any mobile device and save time and money during installation
  • Combination of these services make LogiMove able to tackle any and all business field operations

The middleware between operating system and the mobile applications

  • Offer a more flexible and responsive Back-end as a Service
  • Removes the load on your back-end and allows to scale to hundreds of active mobile field users
  • Highly secure connection from any device to the cloud to the enterprise system

Practical user experience allows lower skilled workers to be employed in the field

  • Easy-to-use User Interface so field technicians react, remember and re-use it
  • Eliminates pain points that field representatives have by creating a logical flow
  • Faster adoption and efficient workflows allows for companies to hit their business objectives better

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