LM-Technology – SAP

Partnership with SAP and nomination in their iOS Early Adopter program. The benefits for SAP-powered businesses are:

Workflows introduced in less than a month

More affordable than other competitors

Deep integration into the HANA cloud platform

LogiMove in partnership with SAP offers:

  • Create your own workflow logic
  • Work with multi-tenants
  • Source data from machine sensors put your IoT to us
  • One-stop for integration of workflow actions into HANA cloud and SAP-run tenant platforms
  • Simplify & Unify the business process

Single-sign on (SSO) service into each workflow action

  • Fieldworkers, managers and other personnel have varying credentials to access certain tasks in the workflow
  • A simple one step sign-in using a user id and passwords gives access to the mobile interface

Authentication Service on Hana Cloud

  • Used as a log-in service for the SAP system in to the HANA cloud platform

Tenants on SAP Platform

  • LogiMove integrates already existing SAP-run multi-tenant platforms into the business workflow process