LM-Technology – Multitenants

LogiMove provides interfacing with multi-tenants along with workflow logic creating a one-stop solution to your business needs

Process & Workflow design

  • Business unit of client designs the workflow process needed for operations
  • No IT and coding is required to set this logic flow
  • Data comes into the LogiMove platform and is used in various steps of the workflow

Interface between tenant, CM platform and client

  • A client will set up one interface i.e. the CM platform with LogiMove. This platform will be used to exchange data between tenant and client as a result of the workflow logic
  • LogiMove will set up a single-step interface with the tenant’s IT infrastructure
  • A client can change the workflow logic and will automatically generate new results, without having to worry about the interface with tenants

CM Mobile App

  • Using the mobile app technology allows changes in logic to immediately translate into the workflow of a field technician on his/her mobile device
  • Client does not need to worry about the technology infrastructure of the execution of mobile app, as LogiMove works with tenants
  • The hidden IT, data and infrastructure costs on the tenant and client side will be transparent, resulting in overall decrease in costs
  • CM Mobile App also includes benefits of Tenant A