LM Omni-Channel Platform

Ensure the work you order…is the work that gets done…is the work that gets invoiced…is the work that gets paid…and at the right price.

#1 Design mobile workflows

We deliver full turn-key solutions specific for your industry – or you use our tools to create them yourself

#2 Develop, configure and test mobile apps

Create complex and native apps with no-code

#3 Rollout mobile apps to workforce

Make changes happen in the field instantaneously: any change in business can be executed in the field with no delay

Increase Revenue with your Assets

LogiMove helps to maximize asset performance, and minimize both, downtime and control costs. Improve asset life cycles, adhere to compliance standards and prevent breakdowns.

Get Actionable Insights from your Dashboard

Access data reports in real-time updated with backend systems, see statistics, and use drill-down functionalities to deep dive into all data. Statistics include which process each employee completed and other key performance indicators.

Reduce Required Skill of Operators

Guided workflows help your workers to perform their process in easy steps. Enjoy higher quality of data at all locations, independent from individual skills of employee

Make use of Predictive Maintenance & AI

Monitor your equipment in real time and analyze data to identify potential upcoming maintenance. Further, use f.e. image recognition, customer surveys, or damage calculation, with artificial intelligence.


Equipment & Facility Maintenance

Equipment and Automotive Rental

Inventory Management

Asset Transportation & Logistics


Too often value lost (errors, fraud, time) because gaps exist between

  • Work Ordered
  • Work Executed
  • Work Invoiced
  • Work Paid

LogiMove proprietary technology offers:

  • Cheaper and Faster than competitors
  • Higher Performance
  • Massive Scalability
  • Better User Experience for field workers

We create real business scenarios with:

  • Independent data centers globally
  • Secure connection from your back-end to the cloud
  • Micro-services create the building blocks that form an entire process within the app

We create mobile applications that:

  • Require no coding
  • Deploy and run online and offline
  • Easy-to-use user experience
  • Complex workflows
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Background uploads
  • Offline executions


Multi-tenant platform that monitors and validates work from “Order” to “Payment” based on Service Level Agreements and Contract Terms. The tool uses data aggregation, analytics, detailed workflows, and AI to allow for real time detection of discrepancies so they can be immediately addressed.  Best of all, the process creates clear accountability back to individuals through the entire process, creating a major disincentive to take any fraudulent actions.

LM Features

LM Asset Manager Features

LM Expert Knowledge

  • Fully customizable digital workflow platform
  • Dashboard
  • Mobile Workflow Builder
  • Pre-made Control Types
  • Asset specific databases
  • Data Capture
  • Analytics
  • Designed for the Mobile Workforce
  • Easy Setup with no SW deployment
  • E-Signature
  • Asset specific handover Workflows
  • Asset specific inspection Workflows
  • Digital capturing and tracking of Damages
  • Damage Logging
  • Instant Damage Quotation
  • Automatic Customer Invocing
  • Free modification of masks and processes during operation, without programming or software updates
  • Time-recording of all jobs
  • Time verification for the customer
  • Order management
  • Deployment monitoring
  • Escalation mechanisms
  • Customer and service provider portal
  • Protocol printouts for each customer
  • Check-in / Check-out
  • Damage Assessments
  • Asset Specific Health Checks
  • Maintenance Work Management
  • Asset Movement/Transportation Management
  • Asset Movement/Transportation Management
  • Rental return / rental hand-over controls
  • Accountability Handover Management
  • Digital Documentation
  • Rental planning table
  • Rented property configuration management
  • On-site rent accounting
  • Damage Database
  • In Fleeting
  • De-Fleeting
  • Transfers
  • App Based Inspections
  • Service Pickup & Returns
  • Maintenance Process
  • Accident & Damage Support
  • Start of Lease / End of Lease
  • Contractor Integration
  • Build In Vehicle Capturing
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Customer Survey
  • Damage Data Analysis
  • Acceleration of workflows
  • Complete integration into existing data systems
  • Improved control and transparency across all process steps
Many more features with LogiMove. Learn how to integrate your business with LM.

LogiMove provides seamless integration with the SAP infrastructure.

Using LogiMove solutions, customers can drive down costs on personnel and 3rd party suppliers utilizing mobile workflows such as asset specific complex workflows designed by the business department and changing them dynamically using the AI workflow-design-engine. Centrally manage processes with local adaptations leads to faster, more flexible and individual tailored solutions quickly.

  • Increase efficiency with Custom Solutions for Workforce Management Systems, Asset Management, Workflow Operations etc.
  • Integrate 3rd party service-suppliers and partners with SLA enforcing mobile apps
  • Let Business Departments create asset-specific workflows integrated into their SAP system
  • Run complex individual Field-Service applications without software coding and deployment needed
  • Break-down complex applications or paperwork in step-by-step workflows which can be executed by less trained personnel in more complex environments leading to dramatically increased ROI and lower TCO
  • AI based real-time process adaptations based on learnings from the field incorporated
  • Enable combination of different workflows for the same personnel
  • Leads to more control and transparency in asset management resulting in lower costs


  • Up to 30% savings resulting from less training and lower qualified personnel
  • Up to 40% savings in executing contracts with 3rd party service provider and suppliers using automated process for charging them based on workflows and SLA enforcing apps
  • Results in less fraud and higher transparency across distributed workflows in complex environments

At a Glance

- Create your own workflow logic - Work with multi-tenants - Source data from machine sensors put your IoT to use - One-stop for integration of workflow actions into HANA cloud and SAP-run tenant platforms - Simplify & Unify the business process

Single-sign on (SSO) service into each workflow action

A simple one step sign-in using a user id and passwords gives access to the mobile interface

Authentication Service on Hana Cloud

Used as a log-in service for the SAP system in to the HANA cloud platform

Tenants on SAP Platform

LogiMove integrates already existing SAP-run multi-tenant platforms into the business workflow process

Is LogiMove right for your business? Learn more about customizable workflows

Our Revolutionary Business Model

We are the technological leader in the rapidly growing market for mobile process control and data processing solutions. With our unique concept, we cover the entire process cycle from mobile data acquisition and data processing through reporting.

We make your business smart, mobile and future-proof

With LM7, LogiMove provides you with an innovative, centrally operated web platform (portal) for mapping mobile processes. It optimises business processes and on top of that makes them accessible on all standard mobile terminal equipment such as smartphones, tablets and the like. Both previously virtualised as well as paper-based processes can be optimised through LM7. The result is lean, cost-saving processes and a system of mobile solutions that is ready for the always-on business of the future

Rapid Deployment

With our high-tech GlobalLM solution, we provide internet-based support for complex processes and data exchanges across sites and companies. Virtualization and integration of mobile terminal equipment provide process transparency in real-time and make business leaner, more flexible and highly scalable. Our pre-designed solutions can be easily configured for your individual situation. That means you avoid high software investments while profiting from the usage-based payment of the cloud model. That keeps you at the cutting edge of competition.

Power to the user: Process optimisation without programming

What is really revolutionary about LM7 is its universal capability. You can immediately make adaptations to the individual needs of your company in the LogiMove modules uncomplicated and without any additional programming. Because, LM7 facilitates letting any user integrate his own developments into the processes and make them available through the platform or transmit them to mobile devices. The software provides finished, modelled processes which can be very easily re-configured at short notice and which can be individually adapted to your own, specific desires. That means long development cycles and huge investments for the mapping of complex procedures are omitted. The adaptation usually only takes three to seven days.

LM7 in practice

With the use of the new software, initially every employee is given a device in which the work instructions and/or lists of goods are recorded in logical sequence. They merely have to be checked off as soon as they are completed. Your employees can, however, also undertake individual entries, for instance make their own comments or a photographic documentation, whose images can be processed onsite. Subsequently, the data is automatically transmitted to your company headquarters through the LogiMove server. There, the follow-up tasks or, if applicable, the requested information can be immediately viewed.

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