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    Capture insights from your most valuable surveillance tool…your Workers.

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    LM provides you with a smart, customizable solution

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    With LM you can easily build your own solution.

LogiMove Products

LM Commerce

Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment for Retail Chains helps retailer chains to organize local deliveries. Learn More

LM Asset Management Platform

Maximize the value of every touch point your workers have with the assets and equipment that drive your business. Learn More

LM Audit & Inspections Platform

Gather the information you need to ensure your business is running as it should be. Learn More

LM Work Order Management Platform

Ensure the work you order…is the work that gets done…is the work that gets invoiced…is the work that gets paid…and at the right price. Learn More

Field Observation Platform

Capture insights from your most valuable surveillance tool… your Workers Learn More

Processing at Scale


Fulfillment Costs
A simple mobile flow that can be used by low-skilled personnel.


Business Revenue
Create a smart field team that improves customer satisfaction and retention.


Damage Detection Rate
Streamline complex processes like damage detection on rental units


Training Time Reduction
A billion-dollar medical device firm reduced training time for new dispatchers by 55%

Catch your interest yet?

Find an overview of our workflow solutions below and see how LogiMove’s customizable app LM7 can add value to your business. We proudly serve various industries with our software, enabling us to offer you a solution specifically created for you – ranging from Face Recognition over Artificial Intelligence products to simple asset management tools: LogiMove has got it. Collecting real-time data turned into relevant KPI’s within seconds. No expertise necessary, WE do it all.

Join the Workflow Movement and transform your business today!

Each Package offered contains a variety of process templates and workflows, built from years of experience. 
All of our packages offer timelines for a prototype to be implemented within as little as a month, regardless of your companies’ size. 

Follow the links below to schedule a demo with us and learn more about our groundbreaking solution.

Basic Package
New to LogiMove? Our basic package is designed to introduce you to our solution and the first month is free!
4 Supported Process Types
  • - Digital Form Builder
  • - Equipment Inspection
  • - Check In and Check Out Processes
  • - Delivery & Pick Up
  • - Implementation: 2-4 Weeks
Silver Package
Sizable operation, but yet deciding to commit? Our silver package comes with a 20% price reduction, so you can test how LogiMove fits to you.
9 Supported Process Types
  • - SAP Enabling
  • - Maintenance & Work Orders
  • - Analytics Reporting
  • - Damage Detection
  • - Implementation: 3-5 Weeks
Gold Package
Looking for the edge over your competition? This package is made for you. 12 supported process types, including AI, will boost any division of your enterprise.
12 Supported Process Type
  • - Warehouse Management
  • - Face Recognition
  • - Artificial Intelligence
  • - Multi-Language Support
  • - Implementation: 3-5 Weeks


All Process Types

20% Off


Our All-Inclusive Solution - literally take the keys and tell us to build any process imaginable. We will get it done. Be in the center of the Workflow Movement.
  • Includes ALL 15 Process Types:
  • Digital Form Builder
  • AI Damage Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • Warehouse Management
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Language/Translation Support
  • SAP Enabled
  • Maintenance + Work Orders
  • Prebuilt Forms/Processes
  • Inspections
  • Bulk Dispatching
  • Internal Asset Transfers
  • Unlimited Customizable Process Builder Forms
  • Order + Asset Management
  • International Deployment
  • Implementation Time: 5-7 Weeks

Road to Success

#1 Design mobile workflows

We deliver full turn-key solutions specific for your industry, ranging from Service Industries over Retailers to Logistic Enterprises. Always keep in mind that you yourself can use our easily comprehensible tool-set to create processes to your satisfaction too. 

#2 Develop, configure and test mobile apps

Create complex and native apps with no-code – or let us create your imagination for you. Ready to use within a few weeks, and capable of real-time data analysis, this is the heart of our application LM7.

#3 Rollout mobile apps to workforce

Make changes happen in the field instantaneously: any change in business any new opportunity can be executed in the field, globally, with no delay.