• Connect AI with a fully customizable workflow platform

    Fully adaptable digital workflow platform for consistent data capture, analytics and accountability.

  • Transform your Workflows from Your Tablet or Mobile Device

  • Analyze your Numbers at the Click of a Button

  • Design Processes One Screen at a Time

  • Define Success by Using Empirical Data

    Built to Improve, Implement and Drive Results

  • Access Your Workflows on Industry Scanners, Tablets and Smart Devices

Make use of Artificial Intelligence to Increase Your Revenue

LM AI Platform is able to analyze operating data, images, and sense of measurements, which allows to recognize patterns and trends.

Guided Workflows to improve Results

LM AI algorithm enables engineers to do more, and reduces workload and work hours

Data Classification & Clustering

Gather the information you need to know your business is operating as it should be

Predictive Maintenance

LM AI learning algorithm monitor your equipment in real time and aggregates data to identify potential upcoming failures

Image Recognition

Use photos of assets to recognize damages and primarily calculations on the spot

Guided Workflows

Ensure the right information is the right workers hands at the right time to ensure the job gets done right.

Becomes smarter everyday

Our AI self learning algorithm accuracy improves with every process computed to data

Logi's Artificial Intelligence improves your business!

+ %
Business Revenue
- %
Fulfillment Costs
+ %
Damage Detection Rate

Create a smart field team that improves customer satisfaction and retention.

Optimize costs by efficiently implementing Omni-channel and last-mile deliveries

Streamline complex processes like damage detection on rental units

Platform Architecture

Mobilize Your Workforce

Integrate your enterprise system into one central solution: Customer usable apps, expert apps for skilled workforce, apps for contractors - all managed centrally without software update or development

Asset specific Logic

Create workflows and apps for every process and every asset: Individually and in logical decision trees! Integrate all business rules without developing software

Use on Any Device

works without internet connection on any Android, Apple or Windows operating system. From industry scanner devices to smartphones and tablets

No Training Required

Thanks to the intuitive and easy to follow logical work-steps every worker can immediately start to be productive with no training and lesser qualification

We let Statistics speak for our Success
  • Up to 30% savings resulting from less training and lower qualified personnel
  • Up to 40% savings in executing contracts with 3rd party service provider and suppliers using automated process for charging them based on workflows and SLA enforcing apps
  • Results in less fraud and higher transparency across distributed workflows in complex environments
Increase Worker Satisfaction

Increase not only your workers satisfaction, by driving up his productivity by up to 30%, by better utilization of worker skill sets, freeing up engineers to do more and reduce workload and work hours.

Further, improve your customers satisfaction by analyzing data, conduct customer surveys and offer your client transparency. 

Get actionable insights

You can review data reports, see statistics, and use drill-down functionalities to deep dive into all data.

Statistics include which process each employee completed at what time, details on revenue and the overview of your KPIs.

Note, that the dashboard is fully customizable and individual for each process configuration.

Customize Processes based on your need

Make changes happen in the field instantaneously: any change in business can be executed in the field with no delay. Either way customize a process yourself or get helped from our support desk.

AI and Predictive Maintenance

Monitor your equipment and workforce in real time and analyze data to identify potential upcoming maintenance. Further, use f.e. image recognition, customer surveys, or damage calculation, with artificial intelligence to improve your business. Out AI can calculate damages on the spot. 

Connected to Your Back-End System

Make your business smart, mobile and future proof.

Our solution work on and with any other software. As part of the SAP Startup Focus program, LogiMove can be heavily integrated into SAP

Our Revolutionary Solution

Using LogiMove solutions, customers can drive down costs on personnel and 3rd party suppliers utilizing mobile workflows such as asset specific complex workflows designed by the business department and changing them dynamically using the AI workflow-design-engine. Centrally manage processes with local adaptations leads to faster, more flexible and individual tailored solutions quickly.

Application Examples


Oil and Gas and Mining

Safety and Security

- Equipment safety checks
- Guided critical procedures
- Behavior-based saftey assessment


Retail Industry

Contracts and Procurement

- Identity & accountability
- Invoice management
- Full traceability


Retail Industry

Inventory and Equipment

- Inventory summary
- Equipment-based workflows
- Image-based documentation



Transportation and Logistics

- Handovers & logistics
- Track & trace inventory
- GPS based notifications


Regulatory Compliance

Q&A and Audits

- Equipment safety checks
- Guided critical procedures
- Behavior-based saftey assessment


control types
Field Service

Commerce and Payments

- Instant quation
- Work order & invoice management
- E-commerce integration

Powerful yet simple


Is an innovative digital workflow platform for consistent data capture, analytics and accountability.


Asset specific databases and workflows for the industrial use.


More than 1 Million business processes per day.

Easy Online Form Builder

Build workflows from more than 100 pre made processes to easily change processes based on your needs

Track Your Assets

Knowing where everything is crucial to not only your Operations but also to your bottom dollar.

Fully Customizable Workflows

Find the tools to test, analyze and adapt to an always changing landscape

Simplicity is Key

Our platform is designed for a simple and self explanatory user experience.

Integrated Data Analytics

Have transparency one processes and track and optimize staff and contractor performance

Work Offline

Our clients sometimes work in remote locations and we believe that our applications should do the same!


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"Process based approach and code generation delivered very quickly a good foundation for our business"
Hans U.
"LogiMove's platform is reliable and customer oriented for flexible assignments and customizable workflows"
Marc-Stephan H.
"We got exactly what we were asking for, on time and below budget! Great team to work with"
Nick H.

5/5 Review Points on Capterra

Read what customers say about us. 100% satisfaction and an extremely likelihood to recommend LogiMove.

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