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Damage Detection

What is it? And What is it good for? Damage Detection, What is it? Why do we need it? How does it benefit my firm? All of these are valid and quite common questions asked when discussing Damage Detection and … Read More

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A Special Thanks

A Special Thanks At this point in the year, and given tomorrow is Thanksgiving, it is important to take the time to reflect on what we’re thankful for. we at Logimove-Checkmobile are extremely thankful for the opportunity to be able … Read More

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Detection Damage on the Tree Service Industry

Detection Damage on the Tree Service Industry The tree removal and dismantling industry is crucial to the current salvaging and clean up of the aftermath of the wildfires, destroyed trees due to storms, or any fallen tree. These services are … Read More

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Why Workflows Work

Why Workflows Work For starters, what exactly is a workflow? A workflow being loosely defined by  is a set of tasks that are grouped in chronologically into processes, and the set of people or resources needed for those tasks that … Read More

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Why Practice Sustainable Solutions?

 In today’s environmentally conscious climate it is crucial for ones firm to encourage the practice of sustainable business decisions. In fact in can come along with significant benefits. In a study that was surveying more than 53,000 U.S. consumers, the … Read More

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Achieving Success: Sustainably

When starting/ running business an obvious key goal is to develop and grow the business and watch it prosper. That’s the dream, the ideal scenario for success. But what happens when a firm grows too fast? one can’t keep up … Read More

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The shift towards a paperless workspace

The shift towards a paperless workspace We’re all used to the traditional picture of the workplace, stacked with paper file cabinets, memos flying about, lost documents and the hair pulling stress. In today’s age, however, the modern workplace is changing, … Read More

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Why LCG?

Mondays are often looked forward too, so much work ahead, problems with communication, lost data files, disorganized information, honestly just all sounds like a headache. Well, we at Logimove are here to change that. Imagine a world where your firm … Read More

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LCG as part of Eliminate Downtime Initiative

LCG as part of Eliminate Downtime Initiative As we’ve learned from the #eliminatedowntime movement, “downtime” can lead to the exclusion of potential revenue and optimizing your business’s performance. A prime example of the consequences of downtime can be defined by … Read More

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Eliminating Downtime

Eliminating Downtime BERLIN x DOWNTIME, Oct. 24th, 2019 „What does downtime mean for each and everyone of you? For us, it means that we are losing money each minute a machines is not ready for our clients to rent“, states John … Read More

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