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Who we are

LogiMove CheckMobile Global (LCG) is a world wide operating brand focused on digital transformation and enhancing workflows. We have a proven platform, partnering with customers ranging from start-ups all the way to Fortune 500 companies.

What we do

We are integrating state of the art mobile solutions which drive your business faster, smarter and leaner. We pride ourselves in innovation and therefore invest heavily in research and development in order to engineer cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

Why partner with us

We offer user-friendly, intuitive out-of-the-box software solutions. Additionally, we build customized software based on our clients’ application. We can integrate and implement a solution into your existing systems within days or weeks, improving efficiency and providing transparency for sustainable business growth.

Our Milestones


Founding of checkmobile in Germany. Philipp Weirauch understood the need of mobile solutions all over the industries and found almost immediately the first clients, which are still clients until current date.


The huge success of early bird checkmobile resulted in large opportunities, which where overwhelming the team at that time. Massive growth in staff was needed and therefore agreement to work together with Venture capital was formed. A large german bank started the first rounds of investment and several new clients were found. The team grew to 10 employees.


The success story of checkmobile did not stop. After 3 years the management was able to buy out the Venture capitalists and the company signed several new clients to increase the staff to 17 employees.


Being an established player in the market, new offices in London and Paris were founded. International expansion started. The headcount was by that time 23 employees now located in three cities over Europe.


First big change in set-up of the company: Strategic decision to rely from that point on highly skilled russian programmers, founding of office in Moscow and growing of the team to 37 employees.


Time to look as well across the Atlantic ocean: After being rewarded by german industry leaders as one of the best innovative companies in Germany, an office in Palo Alto was established to conquer from now on as well the US market. LogiMove CheckMobile Global is born.

Headcount in LCG at this time: 44 employees.


New strategy approach: After almost a decade without much marketing and sales activities, rather being recommended according to successful implementations, finally established sales teams in Germany, Russia and the US. Tim Mackeldey was hired as General Manager of Europe, and family Weirauch will start now focusing on US market. Overall staff employed in all locations: 62

Our Mission & Vision


LogiMove CheckMobile Global (LCG) designs, integrates and implements simple, pragmatic, high quality codes and scripts to empower clients with cutting edge technology. We stand for a cross-cultural exchange of ideas to continue innovating highest value products for our clients. LCG plans to expand further and become the key provider for customizable workflows worldwide. 


LogiMove CheckMobile Global (LCG) strives to become a global leader in the provision of customizable mobile process solutions, while creating a well-known brand. Continuously promoting intercultural communication, we stand for a globalized business environment. Further growth markets include Eastern Asia, and the Americas.

Management Team

Philipp Weirauch

Founder, Global CEO, Head of US Operations

Philipp is a serial entrepreneur with 35 years of experience in the IT business. For more than a decade he is heading now the successful growing brand checkmobile. Philipp is married and has two sons.

Tim Mackeldey

Managing Director Europe

Tim is in the IT business for almost 20 years. After more than a decade in leading positions in IT companies in Eastern Europe he recently returned to Germany to lead the European projects and operations. Tim has two children.

Bernd Seitter

managing director asia

Bernd is a very accomplished and seasoned leader with a Russian/German (and US) background. He has been living in Russia for many years and previously led the regional sales team for Bosch Security Systems. He worked with large Russian organizations in the past and has a tremendous reseller network.

Josh Mosko

Managing director americas

Josh joined LogiMove in 2019, bringing in decades of experience around industrial equipment managing fleet operations and business development in the Americas and worldwide. He works and lives in the New York City area and is the proud father of his teenage daughter.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in giving back to our community

Economical success is very often the key driving factor for most enterprises around the world.  
At LogiMove CheckMobile Global, we do believe in giving back to our communities as well. Therefore we see it as our mission, to support various projects benefiting society at large. We are engaged to help those in need, often to a much broader extent than reflected solely by our PR activities. It should be the duty of all companies globally, to not only focus on economic success, but to also benefit those who made it possible. If you are interested what we do in detail, sign up to our newsletter. Let’s make this world a better place – together.

After experiencing almost the whole world of IT and being involved in SAP business for the last years, I strongly believe in the products of checkmobile. We can provide customers with fast implementations, no coding and reasonable transparent costs, this is, how IT should be!

Tim Mackeldey, General Manager Europe

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