Damage Detection

What is it? And What is it good for?

Damage Detection, What is it? Why do we need it? How does it benefit my firm? All of these are valid and quite common questions asked when discussing Damage Detection and what it’s all about. Damage Detection is crucial to the overall maintenance of a firm’s assets and allows for the firm to fix up and repair the asset at a faster rate by already diagnosing as well as quantifying the problem associated with the asset. Damage Detection software also allows for Precise identification of the damage location. In total Damage Detection Software when properly utilized cuts out the time wasted on the inspection of the asset to check for damage. Productive time saved equals money saved. 

That sounds great and all, but why do firms need damage detection? What benefits does it bring to the performance of the firm? A perfect example of the prime application for damage detection software can be observed within the rental unit industry. Within the rental unit industry the rental unit acts as the asset and crucial to the overall performance of the rental company. If the unit is damaged and not performing well it cannot be rented out, thus resulting in a loss of profit for the rental company due to unforeseen damage. Damage clearly has a huge impact on the rental unit industry as the business depends on a fully operational unit, not a damaged one. Damage Detection software allows for the firm to be able to diagnose what’s wrong with the asset, and when it happened, allowing the company to react to the damage an increased rate to get their asset back to optimal performance again and get back to making the firm money. By minimizing the time assets spend in repair, the availability of the assets for use will increase and lead to an increase in overall revenue for the firm. The result, minimized profit loss and maximize earned revenue, which in the end is what all firms strive to accomplish. 

So how would a firm looking to integrate Damage Detection software within their firm? Well we at Logimove-Checkmobile have developed the perfect solution. Introducing the LM Asset Management Platform. The platform works to maximize the value of every touch point workers have with the assets and equipment that drive your business. We work to help  maximize asset performance, and minimize both downtime and control costs. Through damage detection, Improve asset life cycles, and adhere to compliance standards and prevent breakdowns of the assets. We at Logimove-Checkmobile are here to optimize the performance of your firm. come and learn more about our Asset Management Platform at https://logimove.com/products/lm_asset_management/ and see how we can help to optimize the performance of your firm and to join the workflow movement! 

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