A Special Thanks

A Special Thanks

At this point in the year, and given tomorrow is Thanksgiving, it is important to take the time to reflect on what we’re thankful for. we at Logimove-Checkmobile are extremely thankful for the opportunity to be able to work with such great clients and be able to assist them in optimizing their business’s performance. We are especially fortunate to be able to work with fortune 50 companies. We have worked in all sorts of industries, whether its Healthcare Logistics Fulfillment, International Car Rentals, or Industrial Equipment we are grateful to be able to assist in the optimization of the firms within not just these industries but many others. So what exactly do we mean by “assisting in business optimization”? Well let’s go into it a bit….

Our first example/success story comes from the Healthcare Logistics Fulfillment industry. Our client was a Healthcare Equipment Manufacturer whose products help to save countless lives throughout Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Their products are urgently needed across roughly 8,000 hospitals within a 4 hour timeline. That’s a lot to take on with a lot of pressure riding on it, after all people’s lives are on the line. That’s where we came in to assist. We implemented a platform switching the delivery units from high-trained engineers to “Uber-like-drivers” by providing them with the CheckMobile Field-Service platform to follow step-by-step instructions on every aspect of the work. Thus replacing over 400 engineers with low-paid outsourced contractors. At the same time optimize routing, storage and local hubs to be able to deliver 24/7 on 365 days. Our strategy and plan took 2-3 months to fully implement and results were very impressive. The online management of the whole lifecycle of rental units by CheckMobile resulted in a 12% decrease in standby deliveries and a staggering 75% decrease in the number of service centers used. These results were extremely impressive and helped to increase the rate of deliveries and perhaps save lives.

Our next example comes from the International Car Rental industry. The situation that they face included outdated mobile devices or – in off-airport locations – often still paper based processes. There was no clear inventory, damage history, integrated mobile-first platform which covers processes from rent, return, delivery, logistics, incidents, in-fleeting and de-fleeting present within their processes. So we got together and came up with a stellar strategy and plan to implement. Our strategy allowed CheckMobile server and mobile platform to cover all aspects of a mobile-first approach in modern car-rental. Deep integration into legacy systems to enable their usage in modern times. Individual processes per country, per type of location (airport vs off-airport) integrating all business from fleet-department till sales operations. The overall implementation of the strategy took between 3-5 months to fully implement. The results were stellar. Our plan managed to Integrate customer experience across locations, process and countries. Mobile Damage recording and history plus contractor management. Decrease contractor costs by over 15%, increase customer satisfaction by over 25%.​ We were able to help to optimize the overall performance of the firm within the international car rental industry.

Our last example comes from working with a client who is a top industrial equipment manufacturer. Their situation included standardized and paper based process for thousands of different assets and models of heavy equipment machine which are sold, delivered, rented and maintained world-wide. After looking over their problems, we devised a clever solution. Over the course of 3-5 months we managed to implement a plan that included RFID tagging of all devices, individual mobile Apps for each device with asset specific checklists, damage and condition history and asset specific maintenance procedures.  Camera integrated for automatized damage detection based on AI image recognition. The benefits were that the User Experience and on-boarding process for field workers were drastically improved which resulted in cost reductions. Less skilled personnel were hired that decreased salaries by 15%! That’s an awesome result for minimal implementation time. 

Over the course of our company’s 15 years of experience we are extremely thankful to have worked alongside some of the best clients that we could have possibly asked for. We at Logimove- Checkmobile are extremely grateful to have an amazing staff as well who are dedicated and self motivated! We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and remind you to be thankful for all the good that exists! Have a great Thanksgiving and come and join the workflow movement!!

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