Detection Damage on the Tree Service Industry

Detection Damage on the Tree Service Industry

The tree removal and dismantling industry is crucial to the current salvaging and clean up of the aftermath of the wildfires, destroyed trees due to storms, or any fallen tree. These services are especially needed in California as they combat the massive number of wildfires that are taking place throughout the state. These devastating wildfires in the western portion of the country require salvage logging and forest replanting operations. Aside from the wildfires, repeated violent storm activity across the country is keeping tree cutters busy within urban climates. These devastating times provide growth for the industry giving room for more skilled Arborists to join their workforce. However this growth is not necessarily reliable as it is need based and will only occur if current weather and wildfire conditions keep rising. There are a few challenges that exist today that stand to benefit from a more streamlined form of operation. A change that modernizes unproductive processes and transforms traditionally dangerous working environments into those that are dramatically safer and can help the business perform better and achieve higher profit margins. Some of these main challenges include:

  • The difficulty in remaining profitable in a very competitive industry
  • The need to reduce work-related injuries and job site fatalities
  • The real and uncertain status of seasonal workers
  • The ever-evolving and tentative Visa H2B laws
  • Finding and/or training dependable workers

The difficulty in remaining profitable is a major issue within the tree dismantling industry. There are a lot of hazardous risks associated with the industry. The safety of the workers themselves being the top priority. But how about the equipment? The equipment used in the industry is subject to take major damage over the course of it’s usage. Increased damages to the firm’s equipment will most definitely lead to increased costs which will decrease the profitability of the firm. But what if you can detect damage and take preventative action to potentially decrease the costs associated with damaged equipment. That’s where we at Logimove- Checkmobile come in. We at Logimove Checkmobile understand how detrimental damage can be, and that’s why we’ve perfected the best detection out there. We are the first solution in the industry that is able to generate revenue and standardize the process across multiple locations. We offer workflow, guided damage detection and layering on the AI technology. LogiMove we put the worker at the center of everything we do…specifically, the field worker at the front line of your business. We build mobility driven tools that empower field workers by improving their ability to interface with the equipment, processes, services, and customers that drive your business. Our Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) platform is built for the enterprise scale without sacrificing the adaptability and flexibility needed to deliver simple, easy to use tools that meet the worker where they are.

At a glance With our solutions you can: 

-Create your own workflow logic

– Work with multi-tenants

– Source data from machine sensors put your IoT to use

– One-stop for integration of workflow actions into HANA cloud and SAP-run tenant platforms

– Simplify & Unify the business process

-Monitor and engage equipment 

-Enhanced Damage Detection 

Come check out what we can do for you and how we can assist in optimizing your business’s performance, and join the workflow movement!

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