The shift towards a paperless workspace

The shift towards a paperless workspace

We’re all used to the traditional picture of the workplace, stacked with paper file cabinets, memos flying about, lost documents and the hair pulling stress. In today’s age, however, the modern workplace is changing, the shift to paperless solutions has become more optimal than ever. Aside from the clear environmental benefits of paperless solutions and paper usage reduction, paperless solutions will also enhance your business’s performance! 


By going paperless, you reduce the disorganization and some of the chaos and stress that come along with using paper file systems. Digital files take up far less room compared to traditional filing cabinets that occupy precious office space. Once you eliminate some of the space devoted to paper records, you might find yourself  able to access more information at a faster rate, thus eliminating downtime and boosting productivity. When it comes to paperless solutions, you won’t find yourself sorting through piles of paperwork to locate important documents. Aside from the improved organization that comes with paperless solutions, there lies another critical benefit, and that is enhanced communication. Clear and concise communication amongst your staff is crucial when it comes to operating a successful business. But when information is scribbled out on notecards, or sent with multiple paper memos, communication between employees can be difficult and often quite frustrating. Using digital collaboration tools not only reduces paper in the office, but they can make it easier to share knowledge and circulate information. This will improve communication between employees and departments, encourage innovation throughout the office, and prevent knowledge loss. Online processes allow employees to be able to share documents, folders, knowledge, and projects using an efficient system. 

Luckily, at Logimove we offer efficient paperless solutions comprised of both customizable and low-code enterprise solutions to transform complex business processes and systems into efficient workflows. Now that sounds great, but what does that look like? Well let’s give a prime example from a past success story of ours. This success story is about one of the world’s biggest car rental companies. The business was faced with Outdated mobile devices or (in off-airport locations) and they were often still paper based. No clear inventory, damage history, no integrated mobile-first platform which covers processes from rent, return, delivery, logistics and incidents. How we helped? We utilized our processes to produce deep integration into legacy systems to enable their usage in modern times and focus on paperless systems as well as Individual processes per country, per type of location (airport vs off-airport). As well as integrating all business from fleet-department till sales operations. The results? Well within 3 months of implementation there was Integrated customer experience across locations, process and countries. Mobile Damage recording and history plus contractor management. Decrease contractor costs by over 15%, increase customer satisfaction by over 25%. The results clearly speak for themselves. Don’t find your business getting stuck and frustrated by paper systems. Come and schedule a demo with us today, and join the workflow movement!! 

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