LCG as part of Eliminate Downtime Initiative

LCG as part of Eliminate Downtime Initiative

As we’ve learned from the #eliminatedowntime movement, “downtime” can lead to the exclusion of potential revenue and optimizing your business’s performance. A prime example of the consequences of downtime can be defined by John Smeets, the Technical Manager of Boels Rental. He says “it means that we are losing money each minute a machine is not ready for our clients to rent” Not only this but other factors add up to a 1.6 trillion USD gap in un-productivity within construction business. 

Thats a major loss of potential revenue and growth for your business. That huge loss can be detrimental to the development of your firm. So what should you do? Well, not to worry because we at Logimove are dedicated to the #eliminatedowntime movement. How are we doing this? Well we’re integrating state of the art mobile solutions which drive your business faster, smarter and optimized. We invest heavily in research and development to stay on top of technology to ensure clients solutions are always up to date and requirements. By doing this we ensure maximum performance and optimization for your firm.

Given the severity of the loss of potential growth and profits, then why choose us? Aside from our 15 years of expert experience and executing over 5,000,000 business processes per day , we have market ready solutions which need no further development on client cost. Our fast implementations and integrations into your existing systems and SaaS business models guarantee saving costs and transparency for sustainable business growth. In the end that’s what matters, sustainable growth, to transform your business for the long haul. So come and help us #eliminatedowntime and come join the workflow movement! 

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