Eliminating Downtime

Eliminating Downtime

BERLIN x DOWNTIME, Oct. 24th, 2019

„What does downtime mean for each and everyone of you? For us, it means that we are losing money each minute a machines is not ready for our clients to rent“, states John Smeets , Technical Manager of Boels Rental. „We have to calculate with a 72 per cent readiness rate which we are working on increasing“, he continues. Not only this but other factors add up to a 1.6 trillion USD gap in unproductivity within construction business, Vincent Koch , Co-founder of Klarx, will supplement later that afternoon.


John Smeets , Technical Manager of Boels Rental,
talking about the rental company perspective of downtime.

Smeets and Koch are both experts sharing their experiences and learnings at BERLIN x DOWNTIME  taking place in October. Its not only them that makes this day special: Moreover listing actively collaborating is part of that afternoons themes. Members of the constructions industry, representatives of associations and solution pioneers like those of CheckMobile were working together closely in workshops and exchanged thoughts on challenges and their possible solutions . They have one common vision: Eliminating Downtime.


Laura Tönnies, CEO of Corrux,
talking about cloud-based asset management for general contractors.


The Eliminate Downtime journey is a global event series with curated stories from companies like Boels Rental as well as Klarx  who share what they have learned, challenges and insights about how to eliminate downtime. 


Lærke Ullerup, Marketing Director at Trackunit,
Host of BERLIN X DOWNTIME, 2019 

All efforts are contributing on the ambitious goal eliminating downtime in construction sector by 2025 . As dedicated members, CheckMobile and LogiMove are proud to share almost 15 years of technical excellence not only with attendants but also with you. 

For more detailed information on the Eliminate Downtime Journey feel free to contact us


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