Tracking the performance and the daily operations of your business is crucial to maximize your business’s profits. So why rely on paper tracking? The truth about paper  is that it has become an extremely outdated form of tracking and analysis. The facts are that 70% of knowledge is lost when an employee leaves because of the simple reliance on paper and lack of mobile access. That’s not all on average people spend approximately 18 minutes just looking for one document that they misplaced. Overtime that amount to significant loss of productive time. Not only is paper tracking outdated but it has also become a significant form of waste with potentially hazardous consequences to our environment. The average office worker itself uses roughly 10,000 sheets of paper per year (that’s a lot of paper!). 

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That’s why here at Logimove we offer paperless solutions  that consist of customizable and low-code enterprise solutions to transform complex business processes into efficient workflows. Our Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) platform is built for the enterprise scale without sacrificing the adaptability and flexibility needed to deliver simple, easy to use tools that meet the worker where they are. Don’t be another statistic of environmental damage or workplace inefficiency, come check us out and join the workflow movement!  

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