Today, we would like to give you an overview of some challenges companies typically face when it comes to mobile workflow solutions. As outlined in section 3 of the article linked, one of the main difficulties arise from user friendliness of any mobilized workflow platform. “Encourage and achieve user adoption of […] apps by delivering an intuitive and satisfying user experience” states the core of the issue many businesses face when deciding to go digital. 

LCG’s easy-to-use workflows provide exactly that. Consider an equipment maintenance task: Thanks to thought-out coding, basic inputs will be automatically loaded into the program, without any end-user having to additionally maintain this. Instead of having to follow lengthy documents – most always printed on demand for a specific location – an easy drop down menu allows to choose the appropriate location and limit the possibility of asset selections to the ones actually on site at that very time. No further information is needed to initiate the maintenance process that guides the user through a step-by-step instruction. With our AI Damage Detection features it then becomes incredibly easy to exploit mechanical issues, without paying an expert to regularly inspect the machine or vehicle. If damages are indeed detected, a new order is automatically queued, allowing a mechanic to conduct repairs as efficiently as possible on your various assets.

Check out our omni-channel, as well as our mobile workflow solutions to learn more about this amazing feature, that will transform your operation into the future. 

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