Cloud Computing – Security in Focus

Cloud Computing – Security in Focus

Five years were enough for companies to shift from interested to completely trusting cloud technologies. Currently, 73% of German companies rely on this technology, compared to one in three companies in the last years. 

With the shift in trend also comes the rising question: How to use Cloud Computing? To give an overview, there are two main types: private and public clouds. In essence, the first one has applications only available on the corporate network, while the services of the public cloud are available on the internet. Of course, you can take the best of both worlds, with the so-called hybrid cloud. If we want to add some numbers, we can evaluate the usage of the different types of clouds as it follows: 55%private, 35%public, and 10%hybrid.


Multi Clouds

As a company, decided on the implementation of cloud technology, you are probably already thinking about the potential strategy, that can go hand in hand. Meet multi-clouds – the solution, lots of companies base their work. In essence, enterprises combine services of the same type from different providers. This strategy is especially popular among public cloud users (16%) for security reasons. Another reason of having this strategy on board could be the need for eliminating failures in the production process. 


Security in focus

4 out of 10 companies have not defined any security requirements or measures when planning or discussing cloud computing. This could be a big issue as “The cloud is a technology that needs to be adequately secured – not a panacea that is secure per se,” says cybersecurity expert Marko Vogel. 

Another result of the monitor: cloud-based artificial intelligence applications are still hardly common. “Only two percent of those surveyed so far use AI solutions from the cloud,” says Peter Heidkamp, Head of Technology. “That surprises me. I still see considerable potential here. “


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