Issues surrounding cloud computing

Issues surrounding cloud computing

In this day and age everyone somewhere, at some point has had a conversation about the “Cloud”. But what exactly is the cloud? And what is cloud computing? Inexact terms: “The delivery of various hardware and software services over the internet, through a network of remote servers” Cloud technologies cut costs and keep data all in one place. Sounds great right? But with the cloud comes various issues as well. In fact, the top issue of 2018 surrounding cloud computing was the security of the system. Headlines highlighting data breaches, compromised credentials, and broken authentication, hacked interfaces, and APIs, account hijacking to name a few. Aside from security, cloud computing experiences numerous other issues as seen below. 

Now, this seems like a lot to wrap your mind around, but don’t worry get at Logimove got your back! Our innovative solution to these issues is called “omni-channel”, essentially a holistic solution for all non-digital processes, combining the needs of the customer with our capabilities of digitizing and real-time analyzing administrative efficiency to streamline your business and maximize your efficiency with none of the fears and issues above.

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