#techboostthursday will focus on technology and its impact on the workflow movement. It will also showcase the offerings of the company as well as providing clear and accurate beneficial results to broadcast on social media platforms. The results of our services can be taken from previous successful client relationships and what the company has accomplished for them or still are. 


Technology is ever evolving, creating new innovations and simplifying and assisting in the day to day operations in your business. What was once state of the art for your firm can now be outdated. As you and your business evolve into modern technology that can come along with modern logistical issues. Managing modern tech and work deserves modern workflow solutions. That’s where we at Logimove Checkmobile come in. Because modern problems deserve modern solutions. A prime example can be found below. 

Our Clients: World’s largest car rental companies

The problem: Outdated mobile devices or – in off-airport locations – often still paper based processes. No clear inventory, damage history, integrated mobile-first platform which covers processes from rent, return, delivery, logistics, incidents, in-fleeting and de-fleeting.

Our Solution: LogiMove server and mobile platform to cover all aspects of a mobile-first approach in modern car-rental. Deep integration into legacy systems to enable their usage in modern times. Individual processes per country, per type of location (airport vs off-airport) integrating all business from fleet-department till sales operations. Enabling on-spot damage calculation on all damages without external appraisal. AI based automatic car and damage detection. 

The Results: Integrated customer experience across locations, process and countries. Damage calculation in real-time and contractor management. Increase damage-detection by over 75%, decrease contractor costs by over 15%, increase customer satisfaction by over 25%.

Timeline to implement: 3-5 months

Come check out our website https://logimove.com/about-us/ to discover how YOU can join the workflow movement 

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