How Mobile Applications can make Business Processes more Efficient.

This is Andy with LogiMove and today I want to talk to you about how mobile applications can make business processes more efficient.


I am here today to discuss 3 reasons you may consider going in this rout.


1: Lack of mobility leads to double work

Most companies without a mobile application rely heavily on pad and paper which means someone has to go into the field collect information and eventually re-enter that information into their backend system. This forces people to do double work that can lead to unnecessary errors and most importantly wastes time and energy that could be collected at the source while they are there.


  1. Lack of mobility leads to loss of Visibility

In a perfect world, Your business moves like a well oiled machine. It continues to grow without much oversight and the people you hired are doing the job we hired them to do. This may even be the case at your business but what about vendors and 3rd party hires. How do we know that they are where they say they are? How do we know the have done the job we have paid them to do. With an app that forces someone to complete a task after they do, it produces a location stamp of where that action occurred at least you know that person was at the right place when they said they completed their task.


  1. Mobility encourages excellent work across the globe

Depending on the day of the week or the time of the year workers tend to be more enthusiastic and sometimes they do not. Sometimes they go above and beyond a task. A mobile applications, done right, takes the emotion out of a situation. They simply enter yes or know questions, or document a problem area with pictures so that the results are always the same. And if poor results tend to happen either change the application or change they way a specific facility works through the app to help drive excellence.


State-of-the -art mobile applications will make  work easier and more efficient.

LogiMove helps to maximize asset performance, and minimize both, downtime and control costs. 

LogiMove has workflow applications in a multiplicity of different industries because the system is highly customizable, efficient, flexible, and with an intuitive user interface, as I am going to show you today.

LogiMove is a powerful platform, but simple to use.

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